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The backbone of your success

Here are some reasons why this course is an excellent companion in your health and wellness journey!

One step

Take one step at a time. Dig deep and set yourself up for success by creating habits that will become your life long companion.

Clarity & Precision

There is too much information out there. Let's stop the guesswork. Start with a clear plan that will lead you to success every single day.

Growth Mindset

In a life where changes are constant, you need a flexible and adaptable strategy so you can continue to reap the benefits and grow.

Happy Student!

I have struggled with chronic fatigue for years and experienced recurrent burnout at work. My blood tests always came back normal and no one could figure out why I felt this way. Kickstart Your Wellness helped me get back on track to feeling like myself again. With Ruby's holistic approach, I learned that wellness is so much more than eating well and exercising. It taught me valuable lifelong strategies for living a healthier and more fulfilling life. It was easy to follow and simple to implement - no strict diets or drastic changes required. My favourite part of the course was the recipe book which saved me a lot of time and stress thinking about what to prepare for dinner. Now I can confidently say that I'm on my way to feeling more balanced and energised again. I would recommend Kickstart Your Wellness to anyone who is struggling with low energy and is feeling overwhelmed by the amount of health and wellness information out there.


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